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TRAFIC Passenger

transporting groups

As part of our Tailor-Made range, Master Minibus is available for carrying passengers - with up to 17 seats.

TRAFIC Passenger

transporting VIPs

When passenger comfort is your main priority, opt for the New Trafic Passenger.

Whether for family or business use, our comfortable and refined New Trafic Passenger will become your perfect travel companion.


transport your crew

Whether it’s people or goods, our Trafic range also offers crew van variants to suit your needs.


Crew van versions also available on Kangoo and Master


Which vehicle do I need?

  Trafic Crew Van Master Crew Van Kangoo Crew Van
Number of seats  5 - 6 seats 7 seats 4 - 5 seats
Electric version available No No Yes
Overall length 5399 6225 4666
Overall width 1956 - 2283 2070 - 2470 1829 - 2138
Unladen height 1971 2549 1802 - 1826
Payload capacity (kg) 1065 - 1132 1155 - 1180 605 - 794

Engine and traction solutions adapted for your use

Grip Xtend

Give your passengers the best possible journey with this anti-skid system. Enjoy the peace of mind from excellent grip, whatever the road conditions.

front-wheel drive transmission

Front-wheel drive vehicles enjoy several benefits, such as easy loading with one of the lowest loading sills. 

Electric motor

For those wishing to carry a crew whilst benefiting from low running costs, the Kangoo E-Tech electric crew van range is the one for you. The vehicle has smooth handling thanks to its electric technology which delivers one of the most comfortable rides possible.

Gamme électrique Renault

our business services

Renault PRO+

Renault Business Services

Renault Pro+

Facilitate your business with the range of services by Renault. From purchasing and maintenance to the management of your commercial vehicles, we have an offer for every one of your needs.

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